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Traveling Basketball

Welcome to Traveling Basketball

The Lakeville South Boys Basketball Association (LSBBA) exists to provide an opportunity for boys to compete in an environment that emphasizes fundamental basketball skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and the development of a healthy positive attitude. Winning, although important, is secondary to learning the game and having fun.

The LSBBA offers a Traveling and In-House program.  Our Traveling program is for the kids who are a little more advanced in their current basketball knowledge and are looking to be challenged to continue to develop their skills.  Travel teams compete in 8-9 tournaments that have been selected and scheduled in advance by the LSBBA. Tournaments are held on weekends and games are played on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Travel coaches may schedule at most three additional tournaments at the team’s expense during the season. This ensures that all participants in the program will participate in approximately the same number of tournaments and also allows for all participants and their families to have scheduled “weekends off” during the season. 

All participants in the program are required to try out in order to make a team and tryouts usually occur near the end of September.  Provided enough players tryout, the LSBBA will setup 3 teams for each grade level as a standard.  If enough kids tryout for the 7th or 8th grade and they can play at the traveling level then a fourth team will be added at those two grade levels only.  Team sizes are normally 8 players on the A teams, and 10 players each on the B and C teams. 

My name is Ben Nielsen, and I am the Traveling VP for the LSBBA, any questions about anything here can be directed to me.

Traveling Team Pictures

Traveling team pictures will be the evening of Thursday, November 9th, in the Lakeville South Commons. Please check your team calendar for specific times for your teams.